‘DC Super Animals League’: What if they’re the real superheroes?

movie section DC Comics couldn’t find what the cinematographic universe had Marvel is a true ideologue. This is the producer Kevin FeigStages that organize this vast cycle of communication ships between Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Thor or Scarlet Witch and the Vision movies and series into four Stages – and the fifth has already been activated – and as the central core of the Avengers.

DC wanted to do something similar with DC Extended Universe head Zack Snyder, but the relationship between the ‘Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice’ director and the label executives didn’t quite end well. Ben Affleck, who wanted to strengthen the film universe under the mask of Batman, withdrew from the joint project. DC even tried Marvel ‘imported’ filmmaker Joss Whedon –he was responsible for the first two Avengers movies and the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ franchise – but everything went wrong.

Desiring to emulate the serial character of the Marvel universe in film, DC has made an effort to transform the Justice League into what the Avengers represent in Marvel: super group of supergroups! What was the result? Pretty poor, one-on-one between Batman and Superman, few acceptable Wonder Woman movies, James Wan and Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ passing unnoticed, common sense approaches to ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘The Flash’ 2023 announcement It was produced by Andy Muschieti, in addition to the ‘director’s cut’ that Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ managed to premiere on HBO.

parody in genes

You’ve seen what’s seen, why not completely reverse the project, turn it into an animated movie and give it a parodic meaning? Since Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg haven’t developed as an elite group in live-action, wouldn’t it be more fun to turn them into supporting characters in an old-fashioned anthropomorphic animal story? Dogs, pigs, turtles, squirrels and guinea pigs with the same powers as human superheroes?

The result was ‘DC League of Super Pets’, a movie (voiced by) Krypto. Dwayne Johnson), the Labrador retriever companion of The Man of Steel – who, when he was a puppy, sneaked into the ship where little Kal-El’s parents sent him to Earth before the planet Krypton was destroyed – is the dopey and love-sick Superman/Clark Kent. in which a stray dog ​​has extraordinary strengthHe, a squirrel throws energy beams, an introverted little pig reaches enormous sizes and tortoiselife can have paradoxes As fast as Flash itself.

Super villains don’t fare any better, either. A real wimp next to Lex Luthor Lulu, Machiavellian guinea pig Voiced by Kate McKinnon: She tries to dominate the world thanks to a new material, orange kryptonite, and manages to beat the Justice League, but she doesn’t have the Super Pet League.

turn it over

When something doesn’t work, reverse it. DC executives were smart. At first, it might come as a surprise that a movie with these features, even if it’s animated—which, by default, always includes a plus of relaxation and ‘kid’s’ comedy, would have Nicholas Stoller, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra as producers. But it’s clear when you look at the result. The former directed bandit comedies such as ‘Paso de ti’ and ‘Malditos neighbors’, the latter in the contemporary comedy ‘Phillip Morris I love you!’ The perfect ‘Crazy, stupid, love’ by Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey and Steve Carell getting dating advice from the indomitable Ryan Gosling.

The ‘DC League of Super Pets’ sense of humor has many like the two writers, Jared Stern –who is also the assistant director of the movie– and John Whittington, The authors of the ‘Batman: The LEGO movie’ abrasive script. Actually, The darkness surrounding Gotham City lawlessness has become a permanent parody In ‘DC League of Superpets’: Nobody believes the tragic character of poor Bruce Wayne, who speaks in Keanu Reeves’s ‘too serious’ voice, has a tougher jaw than ever, and finally gets his stray dog. under his protection, he possesses powers that Batman could never have.

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