Jorge Javier ironically addresses LaSexta from ‘Deluxe’

Jorge Javier Vazquez I benefited from the interview Agatha Ruiz de la Prada inside ‘luxury friday‘ throw darts Sixth by recent turmoil involving different servers of the chain. Specifically, the last one was that of Antonio García Ferreras, whom the Telecinco host wanted to talk to via a dart.

During the designer’s polygraph, all the collaborators talked about how difficult it was to finish the interview with him. Everyone was sure that multiple media would pay a fortune to have Ágata on set. Among them, LaSexta’s name was mentioned.

The situation made Jorge Javier want to take the field. An ironic message to Antena 3’s sister network what many understand as a clue due to the recent turmoil, and he specifically points to Antonio García Ferreras and his voices with Villarejo: “This is how it works in LaSexta… How to get to LaSexta”, He referred to the fact that it’s not a good time to be invited to any networking show.

Source: Informacion


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