Renata Litvinova’s daughter celebrated her 21st birthday in France with her boyfriend and Zemfira.

Renata Litvinova’s daughter, Uliana Dobrovskaya, celebrated her 21st birthday in France with her friends and family. The actress shared images from her daughter’s vacation with her subscribers on social networks.

Renata Litvinova posted on her personal blog a video from the celebration of the 21st birthday of her daughter Ulyana Dobrovskaya. In France, relatives and friends of the birthday girl gathered at the festive table. Among them was Zemfira, who, together with the girl’s boyfriend Fedor Dyakov, made a birthday cake with candles.

Zemfira was born on the same day as Ulyana Dobrovskaya. “My special number is when my important people are born,” Renata Litvinova said on social networks, implying both.

Ulyana Dobrovskaya was born in 2001. Her father, businessman Leonid Dobrovsky and Renata Litvinova divorced in 2007. The heir to the actress is studying to become a designer in Antwerp.

Formerly Litvinova starry In a tight-fitting Balenciaga jumpsuit walking around Paris.

Source: Gazeta


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