Sobchak replied to Baskov, who called him “nagging”.

Journalist Ksenia Sobchak responded to an offensive poem by People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Baskov. Sobchak posted his answer to the stage master on the Bloody Lady Telegram channel.

A few days ago, an interview with Vladimir Pastukhov was published on the YouTube channel of Ksenia Sobchak, in which he talks about a new song by Oleg Gazmanov and Alexander Marshal “Motherland”. “Gazmanov and Marshal, barely breaking into the notes, sing a mournful song. I’m not even evaluating the text! Once upon a time, my homeland came and went, everything is strange, there is no rhyme,” he said.

Nikolai Baskov decided to stand up for his colleagues and called Ksenia Sobchak a “nag” to singers whose work is classical, “strangling folk songs” and “shit”.

The journalist did not remain silent and answered the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. “What can I say about the poetic beginning of Nikolai Baskov? The rhyme “nag – Sobchachie” is fresh. There was no “House-2” – and thanks for that. I expect him to develop talent in this direction.”

Formerly said Sobchak mocked Kandelaki’s outfit.

Source: Gazeta


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