Ben Affleck returns as Batman in two DC movies. In the photo he was shown with a happy Aquaman

In recent years, there have been repeated rumors that Ben Affleck could return to the role of Batman in the DC Universe. It turned out to be true. Indeed, the actor will once again play the Dark Knight in the upcoming comics of The Flash movies, as well as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Jason Momoa even posted new photos with Ben Affleck. Here’s what he stated: “REUNION Bruce and Arthur. I love you and miss you, Ben. The WB studio tours just explored the background, everything is great. Great things are coming to the set of Aquaman 2.

Recall that “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will be released in March next year, and the premiere of “The Flash” is scheduled for June 2023.

Previously, the network showed what Matt Reeves’ Batman would look like if the lead role went not to Robert Pattinson, but to Ben Affleck.🔞 A mistake caused Sims in The Sims 4 to crave incest

Source: VG Times


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