First Dates’ Lidia Torrent publicly denounced that a company fired her because she was pregnant.

Lydia Torrent, Famous for being the face of one of Cuatro’s highest-rated shows, ‘First Dates’, I shared that I went a few months ago. announcing that she will be a mother with her partner, Jaime Astrain. However, more than just making the benefits of pregnancy visible, Torrent wanted to use its publicity to talk about the harms and discomforts women can experience during their pregnancy. you talked about sciatica She also highlighted other things that have happened to her professionally since she announced that she is now in her seventh month in pain but expecting a baby:

“The other day I had the opportunity to go back to work at a company where I felt at home and wanted to thank them for hosting me again even though I was pregnant. I say this because unfortunately it didn’t happen in another case. they decided to do without me“.

How emphatic was Instagram on the decision of some companies to abandon pregnant women without risky pregnancies or accidents? they continue their business life as normal.

“Being pregnant does not mean being disabled. Yes It is true that there are complex, risky and stormy pregnancies. It is clear that your daily and professional life has been affected for obvious reasons. In my case, I’m having a good pregnancy that hasn’t made it impossible at all for me to keep working, despite the initial nausea, heartburn, heartburn, or more fatigue than usual from standing for long periods of time.

Torrent wrote that he neither pushes the machine nor pushes himself too hard: “I listen to my body, I give it what it wants, I take care of it and I respect it.” In this sense, and after her explanation, the presenter thanked the companies that trusted women and “helped us and indirectly helped us. supporting this chosen decision to become a mother in favor of our personal life”. A whole conversation for real reconciliation.

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