“This city will teach you how to survive”: Madonna confessed her love for New York

Madonna named New York the best city in the world. She talked about her feelings for the city on her social networks.

Madonna spoke about her love for New York by posting a series of photos on Instagram (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organisation). The singer poses on the streets of the city at night, wearing studded black pants, a black T-shirt, a hat and sunglasses in the photos.

“I am still fascinated by tall buildings, warm skies and rats. And being close to other people. I remind myself over and over to not forget where I came from—blood, sweat, and tears. And loneliness. And fight. But mostly dreams. It floated me like a life boat,” the singer wrote, adding some mystery to her message without saying what kind of dream she was talking about.

“In his opinion, there are many beautiful places in the world, but nothing like New York,” he continued.

“He does not forgive or tolerate fools. But this city will teach you how to survive. I hope one day I can tell you my story,” said Madonna.

Formerly socialbites.ca saidThat Madonna’s daughter starred in a commercial for butt lift jeans.

Source: Gazeta


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