Carlota Corredera denies her return to Mediaset and explains why her new book is paralyzed

Carlota Corredera breaks her silence to shed some light on a few pieces of information that have been released in the last few hours. after more than 4 months get away’Save methe server released a thread of tweets on the official Twitter account here he explained what had happened with the release of his new book.

The second part of my Let’s Talk About Ourselves book has been postponed to ‘sinus die’ due to a personal decision. has always been supported by my publisher and editor-in-chief,” Corredera wrote in the first place on his Twitter account on Tuesday night.

The journalist also assures in this thread of tweets that she knows that any project she signs on will be well received by her editor and publisher: “They’ve always encouraged me to write for them on feminism or whatever topic they deem authoritative as a journalist or writer”.

On his return to Mediaset, Corredera also denied information that placed him at the forefront of a new television format. in the audio-visual group: “I can only say “I don’t know”. Happy summer everyone”.

It should be noted that La Fábrica de la Tele provides the following at the end of March. Carlota Corredera’s departure from ‘Sálvame’ was due to the preparation of a new television format: “An original idea of ​​the host that will mix news and entertainment and will manage and present itself. Immersed in this new and exciting challenge, Carlota will be in charge of ‘Sálvame’ for the last time next Friday, to focus 100% on the development of the new space with the R&D team of the production company she started working with a few weeks ago”.

Source: Informacion


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