Controversy due to the announcement of the new contestant in Survivor: Rejection of three collaborators of the program

survivors ‘All the stars’ It is slowly taking shape with the list of contestants it has collected. She was first declared the queen of reality shows. Sofia Suescun They announced their participation in style, taking advantage of their visit to Kiko Jiménez in Honduras. Weeks later, one of the most anticipated names was announced again. Adara Molinero He was the second candidate. The last runner-up of Survivors will attempt this feat again, this time to win the long-awaited prize.

The last name that was revealed to the public a few days ago was: Olga MorenoThe winner of 2021. former partner Antonio David Flores He will return to Honduras to search for the duo, a historic feat. But to do so, he will also need to surpass the newly announced challenger who can achieve this historic milestone. Shortly after, another big celebrity commercial from Telecinco appeared: Marta Penate.

After taking the victory from Adara Molinero in 2023, Bosco Martínez-Bordiú will return to Survivors as a contestant in this new edition. And Adara will be present not only as old adventure buddies, but also as old couples who met in Honduras. Bosco will now be the third winner of the format, making it clear that they are looking for real survivors for this edition. The last person to enter was Asturian Logan Sampedro, who was a semi-finalist in 2018.

Discussion with Olga Moreno

Among the colorful cast, there are always names that are more enjoyable than others. This was the case of Olga Moreno, who won in 2021 and usually does not go overboard with her television appearances. But that didn’t stop the program from announcing him in style, highlighting his return to the front row. A comeback that was well received by the public but caused rejection by some collaborators.

Exactly, a very revealing image was seen in the contestant’s presentation. When Olga Moreno appeared on the set, only Suso of the collaborators stood up and applauded. Neither Nagore Robles, nor Jesús Calleja, nor Carmen Borrego made any move to stand or applaud him. A very striking gesture that shows which side each of the collaborators is on.

None of those close to Rocío Carrasco wanted to show goodwill towards the contestant. Moreno and Carrasco had separate disagreements that led to them going to court.

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