Doctor explains why girls should be careful about hyaluronic acid 15:57

Russian girls are prone to puffiness, and hyaluronic acid injections draw out water even more, which negatively affects their appearance. Larisa Berzegova, candidate of medical sciences, dermatovenerologist, beautician and director of the medical department of Premierpharm, told

“It is so inherent in nature that the majority of women in Russia are classified according to their anatomical morphotype as having tired faces (pasty) or deformed-edematous (mixed). You should also understand that hyaluronic acid attracts water in addition to the sites where the injection is made. This causes the face to appear puffy or moon-shaped, which looks suspicious. Therefore, Russian women need to be careful with these injections,” explained the beautician.

He added that one of the most common requests from girls in the professional environment is procedures that give instant results, and this effect is called “injection”.

“When there are sudden changes in the patient’s appearance after the procedure, that is, if the face becomes full, swollen and somehow becomes a little tight, this is an “on the needle” effect, but in essence it is swelling. So we use hyaluronic acid to cause swelling, but it comes and goes – it’s a quick adjustment,” the expert said.

According to Berzegova, Russian girls, on the contrary, should prefer injections of drugs that eliminate swelling and pastyness both on the face and in the orbital area.

“Mesosculpt and Mesoai cope well with such tasks.” The latter is an excellent alternative to blepharoplasty. “They also trigger actual processes in the skin, such as the synthesis of your own matrix protein or antioxidant systems, which provides a permanent anti-aging effect instead of puffiness over time,” he said.

The expert also emphasized that if swelling and/or paleness is a persistent problem rather than a one-time accident, it is useful to understand the cause before resorting to beauty injections. You need to see a doctor and look at your hormonal and somatic state, as well as check your thyroid, kidneys, adrenal glands, etc. you need to check; All tests are prescribed on an individual basis.

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Source: Gazeta


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