A former manager of Supervivientes revealed the name and name of the winner: “The channel was very interested in him winning.”

Mayte Ametlla debuts as the new collaborator of ‘Ni que fuerámos Shhh’. streaming Stylishly from YouTube and Twitch of Sálvame. And the Catalan journalist dropped one of the bombs of the day into the world of gossip and national entertainment; This hits the ‘Survivors’ very closely because it couldn’t have been any other way. Because if the Telecinco format stands out for anything this year, it’s because of the controversy. There’s something for everyone. It is something that is both created by the heroes in Cayos Cochinos, created by their defenders on the set, and produced by certain attitudes and decisions of the organization.

Although in ‘Ni que fuerámos Shhh’ the arrows were directed at everyone and everything without exception, last week they were especially critical and harsh towards the network itself, Mediaset. Quickie Channel’s collaborators have many times condemned the issues and interests left behind in such competitions. One of the most talked about topics in this context was the concealment by the board of directors of the “3 sovereign hosts” that Arantxa del Sol allegedly gave to Ángel Cristo in order to preserve the agreement previously agreed upon by the server and the communications company. However, these dirty laundry are not the only ones, and they are not the only ones.

I was interested in him winning

According to Mayte Ametlla, who speaks with knowledge of the facts, nepotism has always existed. Inputs and outputs are common. They were always there reality. This is nothing new. However, it is unknown to the audience. Therefore, in the midst of this intense debate and harsh direct contact, the person who was the assistant director of ‘Survivors’ in 2010 and 2011 has now decided to condemn: The level of intrusiveness may even have determined who won the final prize. Without further ado, the Catalan woman said: “Do you remember who won in 2021?” “Every Thursday, the director would come and tell the contestants, ‘you’re not that close to this’, ‘wait’. And on Thursdays before the gala, there was the winner who said, ‘I don’t feel well, I’m sick,'” Mayte Ametlla recalled. “It was bad, they took him away, he passed the test and he held on, he held on, he held on, and do you know who he was?”he asked his co-stars on the set.

“It was a woman,” the former ‘Survivors’ manager added as a clue due to the lack of response from other collaborators who did not remember the winner. “He was very interested in winning”Just before revealing the identity of the Survivors 2021 winner, Mayte added: “Olga Moreno,” he announced, surprising his colleagues, but they immediately understood everything. “Of course it was interesting” Patiño added, connecting the dots.

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