Nyusha filed for divorce from her husband on the same day as Alsou 20:54

Singer Nyusha filed for divorce from her husband Igor Sivov on the same day as Alsou. This was reported by RIA News.

Notification for filing an application is published on the portal of Moscow courts of general jurisdiction

February 17 singer Nyusha starry with a ripped bob shaped like the Queen of Spades amid rumors that she is divorcing her husband.

Before that Victoria Bonya suggestedNyusha’s career “flew away” after marriage.

“He taught us to live like this: you need to find a successful person, cling to him like a leech, and then become a pseudo-psychologist, a pseudo-successful man. Do men like this bother you? Stupid or lazy? – Bonya said.

In response, Pogrebnyak recalled the words of Nyusha’s father, who said that he was sorry for his daughter’s creative decline. The blogger noted that the artist has talent and voice. According to Pogrebnyak, a man should not interfere with a woman’s development and “not settle her at home.”

Before that Alsou filed Application for divorce from her husband Yan Abramov after 18 years of marriage.

Previously Alsou statedHe said he has deliberately not responded to divorce rumors for almost a year.

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Source: Gazeta


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