42-year-old Natalya Podolskaya participated in a candid photo shoot 20.05.2024, 11:05

Singer Natalya Podolskaya participated in a candid photo shoot. The celebrity showed the result on Instagram (the owner of the company Meta is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

Natalya Podolskaya appeared in front of the camera with a cowboy-style look. The pop singer posed in her black leather underwear set and brown trousers. The actress accessorised her outfit with gold bangles, chains and belt. Makeup artists gave her a bright make-up, and stylists gave her a light style.

“I fly bravely with a sense of inspiration and like a cowboy at the age of 42!” — Podolskaya signed the photo.

Natalya Podolskaya is married to singer Vladimir Presnyakov. Celebrities met in the “Big Race” project in 2005. The artist said that he fell in love with the artist at first sight and wanted to start a family with him. The musician did not have such desires right away, but he felt that he had found his woman. The couple has been separated for several months since the singer was officially married to fashion designer Elena Lenskaya.

In 2010, Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov got married. Lovers raise two sons: Artemy and Ivan.

Previously Anna Semenovich, 46 years old starry bare-chested.

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Source: Gazeta


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