Lady Gaga shot a beauty video and showed how to do her makeup

Singer Lady Gaga has released a beauty video where she shows how to do her own makeup. The video appeared in: Youtube channel Sephora brand, which sells the singer’s branded cosmetics.

The video was shot as an advertisement for the Haus Labs decorative cosmetics line released by the singer. He uses only the products of this brand to create his image.

To create “everyday artistic make-up”, Lady Gaga applies a multifunctional liquid pigment to her face with a pre-made make-up base, which she uses in this case as a blush – she rubs it on her cheekbones and smears the remnants. outer corners of the eyebrows.

Then she uses an eyebrow pencil as she wishes, applies bronzing powder to her cheeks, and paints her lips a lilac-pink hue and fixes them with oil.

Makeup is completed by applying a gel highlighter to the cheeks, and arrows to the eyes – yellow, black and white.

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Source: Gazeta


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