‘Masterchef 10’ leads a rather divided night between the final hour of ‘Brothers’ and ‘Survivors’

The tenth issue of ‘Masterchef’ continues to lead this Monday night. The eleventh talent premiere, which resulted in Claudia being expelled from school, set a record. 14.2% viewership share and an average of 1,568,000 viewersgaining four-tenths compared to the previous week, while losing 6,000 loyalists.

The truth is, data shows it was widely dispersed among other options last Monday night. The season finale of ‘El hormiguero’ and the new episode of ‘Hermanos’ aired on Antena 3. 14.9% and 1,876,000 and 13.2% and 1,493,000, ‘Sálvame Sandia’ is a 12.2% and 1,487,000.

In his private duel, the special ‘First Dates’ on the occasion of LGTBI+ pride (5.4% vs 672,000) and the premiere of the new season of ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ in Gran Canaria (4.6% vs 531,000) give him victory for Cuatro. vs laSexta, who preferred reruns of ‘El intermedia’ (4.6% vs 554,000) and ‘Creed 2: The legend of Rocky’ (3.8% vs 383,000)

As for the afternoon premieres, ‘Sálvame Sandia’ cannot outshine ‘Pasapalabra’, once again the absolute leader with 23.6% viewership and 2,057,000 viewers. The new version of the Telecinco program had 10.5% and 915,000 registrations at its premiere.data similar to those obtained with ‘Eight o’clock’ in the same slot.

On the other hand, ‘You Touched’, La 1’s new afternoon competition with Raúl Gómez, was held with 6.3 percent and an average of 521,000 viewers, surpassing the data recorded by ‘Spain Direct’ on Monday by 7 and 57,000 viewers. last week.


Antena 3 is the leader with 14.9% on Thursday, followed by Telecinco with 12.9%. Pay Topics ranks third at 9.3%, just one-tenth less than TVE’s La 1 (9.2%). Regional ones are in fifth place (8.9%), laSexta (6%), Cuatro (4.4%), La 2 (3.2%) and special regional ones (0.4%) close the ranking.


Antena 3 continues to lead at 13.5%, five-tenths more than Telecinco (12.5%). Paid Themes are in third place (10.3%), with regional themes (FORTA) (8.3%) and La 1 in fourth place, more than two points behind TVE (8.1%). laSexta (5.1%) is applied by the minimum to Cuatro (5%), while TVE’s La 2 (3.1%) and custom Autonomics (0.4%) close the classification.

Source: Informacion


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