Criticism from Monegal: Brutal ‘Fiesta’ on Thailand offense at T5

They have no brakes. Anyway. There is not the slightest respect shown to a dead and dismembered person, to the defendant on trial for murder or manslaughter, or to the families of both. To the point and without worry! If there is work, anything is possible.

Telecinco carried out the terrible practice of ‘reconstructing’ crime in Thailand this weekend in the program called ‘Fiesta’. They decided to create a shabby and gloomy scene by fabricating what was happening in that room. They hired two actors. One, to imitate Daniel Sancho; for another to imitate the victim. Edwin Arrieta. for his role Daniel They looked for a young actress with white skin, stylized hair and long hair. For the victim they chose an actor with dark skin, rough appearance and an almost energetic demeanor. They started the show with the instructions of the stage director. There were two. They didn’t settle for just one.

First, the program ‘Fiesta’ imagined what happened according to the version of the accusation. They then staged the defense version of what happened. The actors have managed to create theater that is somewhere between bloody, grisly and dirty. The victim got into a fight while he was alive, got hit, bit his arm, had his skull hit the toilet twice… And the actor who plays it Daniel, He then caresses a large butcher knife surrounded by garbage bags to deposit the dead man’s dismembered remains there.

This was a display that was both disgraceful and thuggish. It does not matter whether the case is heard in a court of law and as long as there is a ‘sub-trial’ there is no room for ‘demonstrations’. They ignore respect for the victim; they disregard respect for the accused who faces the death penalty or life imprisonment; They ignore the respect for both their families, and ignore not the horrific brutality but the audience’s right to be informed. The Department for Equality should bother to monitor this programme.

Finally, the presenter and presenter of the program, Emma Garcia, warned: “I’m sick to my stomach, isn’t it? When I see these reconstructions, I have to say what a great job!” Ah! Your wife. In fact, you need to have a very special stomach to digest that ‘Fiesta’. Maybe not.

Source: Informacion


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