Blogger Dina Saeva posed with seashells on her chest against the background of palm trees 12:22

Blogger Dina Saeva participated in a candid shooting. The celebrity showed her fans the result on Instagram (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

24-year-old Dina Saeva appeared in front of the camera with a provocative image. The blogger wore a tiny bikini with a shell bodice and mesh panties. The star added a brown bolero, long gloves and gold hoop earrings to her swimsuit. She wore her hair in a high bun in front of her face and wore make-up with pink glitter and blush. Dina Saeva posed against the backdrop of palm trees.

“April August,” the blogger captioned the images.

In 2020, Saeva ranked second on the Forbes list in the category of highest-paid 20-year-old TikTokers. Dina Saeva dated rapper Eljay Dani Choco’s younger brother. They revealed their love during the wedding of musician Alisher Morgenstern (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) and blogger Dilara Zinatullina. The couple kissed during the celebration. In the spring of 2022, Saeva broke up with Dani Choco.

On July 6, it became known that Dina Saeva could play the main role in the Russian adaptation of “Knock on My Door”, but she refused. But recently a blogger tried on She took the image of Eda Yıldız, who was expected to play.

Previously Instasamka starry with wet armpits.

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Source: Gazeta


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