“Peeling and cocktails”: Cosmetologists told Russians about the most common methods of cheating 12:25

In a beauty salon, you may encounter an unscrupulous master who deceives his customers. Cosmetologists can save the product paid by the client, and also prescribe peeling courses that are dangerous for the skin; said Mariyat Mukhina, beautician, founder and chief physician of the Origiteya network of clinics, in a conversation with NSN.

Mukhina said that often customers pay for the injection of a vial of the drug, but end up injecting only half of it, selling part of the product to another visitor. This is very dangerous, because no one guarantees a sterile medicine, and there is a danger that one of the visitors will transmit “a lot” of diseases from the other.

In addition, women often have only a portion of the filler injected into their lips and find many excuses for the poor result.

“To have the lips of her dreams, a woman has to pay several times more than she planned,” the beautician explained.

Mukhina called peelings, which are prescribed to women immediately in one course, promising to get rid of age spots and other problems, as one of the most popular procedures for deceiving customers. According to Muhina, this is a very dangerous procedure. Frequent peelings destroy the upper layers of the skin, making it hypersensitive to ultraviolet radiation and causing even greater pigmentation, burns and allergies.

Mukhina also considered cosmetic “cocktails” to be a common method of deception. Unscrupulous experts mix the products themselves and create so-called “beauty injections”. They can cause immunological diseases, cause granulomas (inflammations) or fibrosis, which can lead to scarring of the skin. Muhina urged Russian women to refuse such procedures.

Let us remind you that there are also cosmetologists. to warnMistakes made during hardware removal can lead to pigmentation, scars and burns.

Former plastic surgeon named The most dangerous beauty procedure.

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Source: Gazeta


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