“Magic is a science that includes elements of creativity.” Interview with the star of “Battle of Psychics” Sonya Egorova The winner of “Revenge” Egorova advised not to give blood for rituals 03.22.2024, 11:21

— Almost seven years have passed since the 18th season of “Battle of Psychics”, in which you took second place. How did you feel when you returned to the project?

– With a sense of strength and courage. It was interesting to see myself in shooting and competition conditions after many years. I now have a different approach and much more experience in passing tests.

— Was it embarrassing to lose to Konstantin Getsati all those years ago? Is it a shame that you didn’t come first last time?

“I wouldn’t call it an insult, but rather it’s the little things in life.” It’s been a long time and to be honest I’ve already forgotten about it. I gained a lot of experience in Season 18 and had a lot of practice afterwards. This is much more important. Now I wanted to experience and test how much more I can do compared to the 18th season.

— Is being first important to you?

– Depends on what. “Revenge” really intrigued me and I enjoyed the process. For me, the process was more important than the result. This is an interesting experience. Projects always have very unusual challenges and worthy competitors.

— Which of the “Revenge” participants was the most interesting to compete with?

— I’m definitely interested in any rival. And it was interesting to compete with my old self. I wanted to understand how much I have improved in practice over the years: do I see better and how much can I see without rituals? Self. Just with your skills.

Many mediums perform rituals and summon spirits before the test. I have nothing against such methods, but I have always been in favor of seeing from “pure” sensory perception, without the help of spirits and rituals, without the help of additional tools.

— Are the emotions on the set of “Revenge” similar to those you experienced during the “Battle of Psychics”?

– Unfortunately, no. A lot of time has passed. I’ve changed a lot. Now if I could go back in time and go through the “Battle of Psychics” from the very beginning, I would have done everything completely differently. I became stronger and more self-confident. The excitement and fear of “War” was no longer there.

— Participants in the “Battle of Psychics” are often criticized for inflating the prices of their services. Is this a fair criticism?

— Please forgive me, I have no idea about the regulators of the esoteric services market.

— If we talk about the profession of witchcraft, what skills should a witch have?

– I would say critical thinking. It is often lacking for most practitioners. The point in magic is to separate power from ego and illusion from truth. Magic is a complete science that includes elements of creativity. And in addition to power, you need to have a sober mind and an understanding of how to use your power correctly. And of course, don’t put on your ego crown and decide that you are omnipotent. Because this is the beginning of the end of any magical practice.

— How did you realize you had unusual abilities? How did they express themselves?

— A cat talked to me at the Patriarch’s house! (laughs.) But seriously, I just started to see: the energy, the chakras, the dead. All this was erratic at first, of course, and I thought I was going crazy. But luckily I soon met my mentor who explained to me what was what and how to manage it.

— When modern witches talk about performing rituals, is it like in the movies? Are chicken feet, blood and hair involved?

— Rituals are different. Everyone has their own practice. Some people probably use their paws and nails. I don’t use these in my rituals. And blood is generally a universal “entry point” into human energy. You can do a lot with blood.

I always warn people that giving your blood for a ritual is dangerous if you don’t know how the practitioner works. Especially practitioners who work with demons. Because demons can obtain life, health and all kinds of blessings through blood.

— Do love spells and harm really exist? Would you take these steps to achieve your goals?

– Yes! To exist. But they are not as common as most people think. I do not do harm or do love spells, I am against violence against a person’s free will and choice. I take them out and return them to those who ordered them. So I have no desire to order again.

— Your husband, rapper Pharaoh, on “Rules of Life” on YouTube (real name – Gleb Golubin”), admitted last year that he and you have a dislike of people in common. Then he said: “Neither of us like people. If we are half of a whole, these people are not for us [сдались] in principle… And for someone to endure it, enjoy it – for what? People are bad, people are stupid, people are jealous.” Do you agree with this?

— If you don’t ignore the context and watch the entire interview, it becomes clear what Gleb means when he says “we don’t like people.” And he wanted to say that we do not like noisy companies, parties, social events. We feel good in our own world, around each other, our friends and loved ones.

Society is now very angry and this is evident even from the amount of aggression on the internet. People love to judge, argue, label, and take out their negativity, jealousy, and anger on others. It’s unexciting and overall pretty poor on a human level.

— Is there at least a chance for the public to learn how two people from different worlds like you and Pharaoh met?

“Don’t you know that happiness loves silence?” We met by chance and we both realized it was real. We were both waiting for this gift. And the circumstances don’t matter. Often the universe creates surprising and completely illogical ways for people to reach each other.

— Is it difficult to live with psychic abilities?

– Life is not easy and interesting.

— Do they help in daily life, in the family, in your personal life?

— Yes, especially when I forget where I put my iPhone charger. Otherwise, I do not use my skills in daily life. It’s nice to be human. Only one person. Sometimes you make mistakes, you gain experience, you feel, you get happy, you get scared. I don’t want to deprive myself of simple human joys and experiences.

Psychics don’t always see everything. This is impossible. To see something, you need a certain situation, you need to adapt. People watch “Battle” and think we’re seeing everything at once, but that’s not the case. The editing cuts to moments when we are silent and enter the “work” state. This requires time and concentration. This state is not always with us. In ordinary life, we are humans. Yes, of course we feel more than others, but seeing through walls still requires adaptation.

— Tarot reading has recently become fashionable in Russia and many celebrities have learned about it. Why do you think? Can anyone really learn fortune telling? What do you think about the popularity of psychics in general?

— Tarot fortune-telling and other types of fortune-telling were extremely popular in Tsarist Russia, so the statement “about the last times” is not entirely correct. You cannot throw away the traditions of your ancestors. But there is one factor to blasphemy – selfish interest. Therefore, the bet is on blasphemy.

— What do you need to do to change your life – fortune telling, performing a ritual or taking a certain action?

– Work on yourself! Continuous work and development. Magic can change some possible paths of development, or even give the person something they do not deserve and are not ready for. But you have to pay for it, not with money. A person can achieve a lot by working with his work and energy. Without any rituals. But this is business. And unfortunately, not everyone is ready for such work.

— Are witches good psychologists?

— Magic and psychology are still different things. If a person has mental problems, I will not undertake to work with him, I will send him to a psychologist.

What are you thinking?

Sonya Egorova, the finalist of the 18th season of the Battle of Psychics, won the Psychics show. Revenge” attended by the silver medalists of the “War”. In an interview with socialbites.ca, she talked about how she discovered psychic abilities, what things she does not use in rituals, what is needed to change herself. And she also explains why she doesn’t open up about her marriage to rapper Pharaoh to strangers.

Source: Gazeta


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