“Do you know who I am?” How was Moscow Fashion Week?

Fashion Week was held in Moscow from 20-26 June. Zaryadye became the main venue of the action – in the underground parking lot of the park and on the Soaring Bridge, the screenings were held in a closed format, and everyone could come to the amphitheater overlooking the Kremlin. The same format was applied to VDNKh, GUM, Revolution Square and Tverskaya Square. Therefore, more than 100 thousand people became viewers of Fashion Week – voluntarily or involuntarily. This played out both a plus and a minus: Behind the large number of tourists and people dressed in “cottage style”, it was not easy to see fashionable young people and people from the industry.

To get to the screenings in Zaryadye, it was necessary to go down to the parking lot and pass several metal detectors. There were two indoor halls for the show, both in the parking lot.

The performances started minute by minute according to the schedule, so in case of being late, the strict security guards did not even allow the VIPs to pass.

Despite the well-coordinated work of the volunteers, there was at times a struggle for the seat: socialbites.ca reporters repeatedly witnessed the struggle for the front row. Women from Chanel and Birkin angrily argued that they were “personally invited by the designer,” and if that didn’t work, Russian fashion fans started screaming. “Do you know who I am?” After the sentence, the volunteers stopped arguing and surrendered. After the show started, the atmosphere in the parking lot became even more relaxed and the audience watched what was happening on their phone screens.

Beauty studio MONE became the official stylist of Moscow Fashion Week. According to MEB Marketing Director Marina Makarenko, salon stylists were in charge of the models’ hairstyles at two venues – Zaryadye Park and VDNKh. For 7 days, the network’s stylists prepared models for 106 shows, making an average of 450 styles per day.

“Depending on the complexity of the style, it took between 10 and 30 minutes each. I reviewed the references and gave feedback to the designers. If the style exceeds 30 minutes, we found another option,” he said.

Fashion Week highlighted brands that constantly participate in each event of this format in Moscow – Julia Dalakian, Igor Gulyaev, Sergey Sysoev, Chapurin. But there were also newcomers – White Crow, Studio 29, Dima Magniy and others.

All, as usual, presented collections in different styles. Zoteme was responsible for minimalism in clothing at Lokoto, Studio 29, Moscow Fashion Week; closest to real life are Coshe, Industry, Vestiaire, Janesaq; In the style of secular girls of the 2000s, models appeared on the shows of Ekaterina Rinar, Iuliia Neivirt, Julia Dalakian.

Has participation been beneficial for brands that have not exhibited their collections in this format before? Tatyana Fomicheva, the founder of the Russian brand Studio 29, believes in this. “We did our first fashion show at Moscow Fashion Week and we think we did it well. <...> Not only friends, customers, the press came to us, but also new people who were not familiar with the brand, so participation brought us loyalty and recognition,” he explains to socialbites.ca.

Anton and Natalya Maetny, the founders of the White Crow family brand that emerged in 2013, agrees with him. According to the designers, the fashion show at Fashion Week gave them the opportunity to reach a wide audience and make new acquaintances. The brand exhibited its “Less is more” collection, and the friends of the brand took the podium as models.

“We sew clothes for people, so over 80% of non-professional models attended our show. These are our friends who took the podium and confirmed our concept – “clothes for you, not for models,” said Natalia.

One of the headlines of Fashion Week was fashion house Slava Zaitsev. The show was held in the open area in front of the Zaryadye amphitheater on the first day. The Pret-a-porter de luxe Nocturne collection includes bright mini and maxi dresses made of chiffon and silk, as well as suits with red skirts. As accessories, the outfits were complemented by hats by designer Lilia Gureeva.

“This time the show was very unusual, we worked for the first time in this format – in the open air, in the park and at quite a distance. The conditions were extreme – the scorching sun,” model Ekaterina Moskvina, who has been working at the House of Vyacheslav Zaitsev for 19 years, told socialbites.ca it shone right in the eyes,” he said.

If Zaitsev’s show included models who have collaborated with the brand for many years, then other brands invited non-professional models.

Fashion phenomenon Diana Drobushevskaya explains to socialbites.ca: “The founder of the Beena brand wrote to me on Instagram (the owner of Meta was considered an extremist organization): he invited me to the show, setting the parameters earlier.” According to her, the montage was a few days before the show, and on the day of the show, the models arrived early in the morning and did a rehearsal.

No special training was provided for beginners, Roman Solovyov, who tried himself as a model for the first time in his life, told socialbites.ca, where he took the podium as part of the White Crow show.

“Just a week before the show, we tried something out in the brand’s showroom, where three-quarters of the models weren’t professional. The relations between us were as friendly as possible, experienced guys and girls encouraged and showed everything, ”says she.

Solovyov highly appreciated the work of the staff at the Moscow Fashion Week grounds. According to him, the “newcomers” were supported and helped in everything.

“Everything is clear, fast, professional, second to second. It’s all human: no yelling on the site, they’re all “murmuring” to each other, even when we’re making a mess with inexperience,” he adds.

As part of Moscow Fashion Week, not only shows were held – for example, Arctic Explorer: the Russian North brand held an unusual presentation performance instead of the traditional fashion show. The brand, which creates warm outerwear, exhibited its new models in the Ice Cave of Zaryadye Park, where the audience went from a hot summer to a “real winter”. At the entrance, journalists and guests were asked to wear an AE parka so they could see for themselves that this garment really saved them from frost.

“We originally planned to hold a show with the transition of models, but we did not have time with the organization. The park offered us the Ice Cave as a site, and we realized that if it wasn’t here, then it was nowhere. “This is an ideal place for our brand to show our clothes in winter conditions,” says Irina Kuryabina, representative of the Arctic Explorer brand.

Valentin Yudashkin’s house has closed Moscow Fashion Week.

At sunset on the Soaring Bridge in Zaryadye, the fashion designer presented evening dresses and suits with characteristic intricate drapes and loose jewellery.

“We were very curious. [возможности] To show off this couture collection, which unfortunately cannot be shown on March 8, Galina Yudashkina told socialbites.ca. “We didn’t expect so many people, over 600 people attended the show.”

Note: The correspondents of socialbites.ca were interested in the question of whose shoes they took off at the fashion show. As they themselves admit, they were presented with a choice – to come on their own or get it from the designer. As a result, Converse brands, Dr. Martens, Vans, Zara, Louis Vuitton and others.

On Sunday, June 26, Fashion Week in Moscow ended – if it was opened by Zaitsev, it was closed by Yudashkin. But there were also new names, where the audience stood in the frames of metal detectors and fought for a place in the front row. Young and not so young designers from different regions of Russia walked in the parking lot in the center of Moscow and along the catwalk in what models of shoes (imported) – in the material socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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