New Spanish Netflix drama ‘Alma’ to premiere on August 19

this new sherry Spanish Netflix‘Spirit’run by Kike Maillo Y Sergio G. Sanchezthe platform already has a release date, next August 19.

Mireia Oriol (‘Hockey ones’), Alex Villazan (‘Charon’), Pol Monen (‘Who would you take to a desert island?’), claudia badge (‘SCAM’), Javier Morgade (‘Loop’), Nil Cardone (‘Hockey ones’), Mary Knight (‘time ministry’) and Milena Smith (‘Parallel Mothers’) East income supernatural shot almost completely Principality of Asturias and Created by Sergio G. Sanchez (‘The Secret of the Marrow Bone’).

A story about ‘Alma’ The search for identity through an emotional, mysterious and unexpected plot. After surviving a bus crash in which almost all of her classmates died, Spirit (Mireia Oriol) He wakes up in a hospital without remembering the event or his past.

His house is filled with memories that don’t belong to him, and he experiences both memory loss and trauma, night terrors and images he can’t resolve.

With the help of his family and friends he doesn’t know, he will try to discover the mystery surrounding the accident as he fights to save his life and identity.

complete the cast Elena Irureta, marta belaustegui, Josean Bengoetxea, Candido Uranga, Katia R. Borlado, Ximena Vera, Celia Tailor, Laura Ubach, raul badger Y Alexander Serrano.

‘spirit’ First Netflix production shot in the Principality of Asturiaswelcoming a team of about 100 people over almost five months that the shootings are taking place in different parts of this autonomous community.

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