“Coach watches whether you sin”: how to become a fitness bikini champion

– In Russia, compared to Western countries, such a sports discipline as a fitness bikini is not very common. Why did you decide to start doing it?

“For most of my life, I never cared about bodybuilding. This decision was spontaneous. I gained a lot of weight and couldn’t get in shape. During the pandemic, I went to fitness model Nastya Zolotaya, bought a gym membership and started training. At the same time, I studied what he and his colleagues were doing, but without any sporting success.

– When did you set the goal of bringing the figure to the ideal?

– On the eve of 2021, I wrote a wish list and added a product that I want to make a figure like a fitness bikini, compete in a competition and enter the top 5. Also, I really wanted to contact the fitness trainer Anton Mushtanov (European vice-champion in bodybuilding – socialbites.ca), who is preparing to participate in the championships. A week later, a miracle happened, Anton himself wrote to me.

– That is, in less than a year, were you able to independently bring the body to a state where a professional trainer offers you cooperation?

– He didn’t see my form and gave me a special option, 50% discount on the condition that I compete. Of course I agreed and sent him the current photo of the figure. Then I came to him in Nizhny Novgorod, where he was training, we discussed all my fats and came up with a work plan. Then I thought: “I will lose some weight and gradually merge.”

– But what about the desire to participate in competitions?

– Yes, I pulled in, I realized that in the gym my brain is resting – this is 2-3 hours almost every day. I liked it more and more. I got results but still didn’t believe I would have a fitness bikini figure. I learned to eat again, I determined the technique of exercising in the gym, all my muscles ached. I asked myself why I needed all this, but I went and forced it.

– There were three beginnings in your career: the championship in Nizhny Novgorod, competitions in Moscow and participation in the Cup of Russia. You got first or second place everywhere. How was the preparation for the competition?

— To prepare for bikini fitness competitions, my coach and other athletes go to training camps in the season – these are spring and autumn. We are working on technique and pose (four positions, line-up and fashion show) and situations that can happen on stage. The trainer makes suggestions about the form. Some go to training camps and in the off-season, but it depends on the state of the body.

– How does the coach evaluate the current form?

We produce a photo report every two weeks. The coach will see if you have sinned and see how well you can prepare for the beginnings. Between the fall and spring seasons, I kept my form very well, so it took me a month and a half to prepare for the stage. But in the off-season, the girls can get a lot, because the first two weeks after the competition you can eat whatever you want. Then it is difficult to pull yourself together and control – and already on the scales plus 5-7 kg.

Have you gained weight in the off-season?

– Between the fall and spring seasons, I did a fatty diet to restore my hormones. Switching from carbs and forcing myself to eat a lot of fat has been tough. My diet included meat, fish, cheese, avocado, nuts, eggs and vegetables, but I did not eat cereals or bread. Nutrition has helped a lot because I have maintained my weight, shape and muscle.

Are bikini fitness exercises similar to what amateurs do at the gym?

– Of course, it has features, because when I do some exercises in the gym, question marks arise in my mind. For example, two of my favorite exercises are toe squats and torso lifts and hip curls. It looks unusual and, by the way, is not so easy to perform.

— How did you prepare for the competitions at the 34th Russia Bikini Fitness Cup held in Chelyabinsk in April?

– It was necessary to drain the water a little before the competition – that’s it. It took 1-1.5 months. A month before the competition, I ate 1.2-1.4 thousand kcal, and out of season 1.8-2.2 thousand kcal. During drying, fats are cut and my diet consists of eggs, avocados, bread, lentils and any grains except oatmeal, turkey and chicken fillet.

– It would seem that such a diet is difficult to observe, and probably not enough strength. What was education like back then?

– There was an easy preparation in the spring, I even worried about it. I did four strengths a week. I practically didn’t do any cardio because I didn’t need the form. I dried it slowly and harmoniously. And this spring I won. But for the fall competitions, I trained for 1-1.5 hours of strength and then an hour of cardio five times a week.

– What parameters of the figure do you need to achieve in order to participate in the Cup of Russia? 90-60-90 model?

– Centimeter and dryness condition is not required. Almost everyone is allowed to compete, you submit an application, you pay – that’s it. But first you need to participate in the regional championships. The athlete should have a thin waist and wide hips, which should be 30 cm larger. The ideal proportions are an hourglass plus a pronounced back, but a bright print is not necessary.

– It seems that everything depends on the natural proportions of a woman. But maybe any woman can participate in bikini fitness competitions if you work out really well in the gym?

– Genetic ratios are important and everything is finalized with the help of the gym. If a girl has a large chest, she will not stand out with her thin waist. The waist will be flat and it will be very difficult for an athlete to get into the top 15. I have small shoulders and a thin waist. But with muscle mass I can develop my shoulders, but with the waist you can do nothing. If you remove the ribs, they will be removed by 2 cm, but still they will not be scratched that way.

– Probably everyone understands that physical fitness is important for bikini fitness competitions, but as I understand it, success is unrealistic if you do not take into account all the other factors: makeup, hairstyle, makeup and swimwear.

– Yes, in general, everything is taken into account – makeup, hair and gait, and how the girl manifests herself, how the muscles work. Any little thing can lower the score – for example, panties do not fit well, the color of the swimsuit does not fit the type.

“So let’s get it done. What are the makeup and hair requirements? I understand they have to be shiny, but maybe something else is in the rules?

– Yes, there are actually no special requirements, the main thing is that the image looks solid. In the fitness bikini, it has already become a tradition for the hairstyle to be loose hair, curls or straight. They must be perfectly laid, because all the feathers are visible under the spotlights. Makeup stage, so it should be bright. Much depends on the professionalism of the master. I went to a make-up artist in Nizhny Novgorod, who made me a gray complexion, the make-up was red, as a result my face looked like a corpse.

How much does it cost to do makeup and hair?

– On average, from 5 to 15 thousand for makeup, the same for haircuts.

“It’s like going to a wedding for a bride. For additional drawing of the relief, it is not necessary only to apply tan all over the bride’s body.

– Yes, in every championship there is a team that wears make-up. Its price varies depending on the level of competition, for example, in the Cup of Russia this service costs 4.5 thousand. Specialists apply two layers of paint – reddish or bronze. First, you need to thoroughly rub the skin at home so that the paint does not stain.

– That is, at least 15 thousand rubles are already spent on makeup, make-up and hair. And for a swimsuit, which costs an average of 40 thousand rubles, there are additional costs. Can’t you go out as usual, like on the beach?

– How do I get out of your base? If you are pale, you will not appear in the first line of 28 people. Swimwear with rhinestones is an unspoken rule. There are few designers in Russia who can sew a product to measure. They select the base, color it, send a sketch and start work by manually gluing rhinestones. Swimwear should be ordered a month or two in advance. The shape of the swimsuit is very important. Even a glass from the top can both spoil and emphasize the figure. Same with panty fit. Now, by the way, they changed the rules, you need to open 1/3 of the hips, not 1/2. How the old swimsuit girls are going to go out, I honestly don’t know.

– If girls care so much about their looks at fitness bikini championships, are these championships comparable to beauty pageants or sports championships?

– There are both him and her. Appearance also plays a role, but it is more of a sports component. They will not put a very beautiful girl in the first place, but disproportionately. Here they decide.

– In addition to the need to follow the standards of makeup, hairstyles and swimwear, she writes about membership fees on the website of the Russian Bodybuilding Federation. They need to be paid to participate in the championship. How much was spent on these expenses to participate in the Cup of Russia?

– First you need to pay a fee to the Bodybuilding Federation of your region and the Russian Bodybuilding Federation – this is about 1 thousand rubles each. Then you pay 3 thousand rubles. for the category in which you will compete, if there are several, then an additional 1.5 thousand rubles for each category.

– In general, membership fees turn out to be about 10 thousand rubles?

– In general, yes, each championship costs 10 thousand rubles, excluding makeup, hair, flights, accommodation and swimwear.

– At the same time, for example, in the absolute championship among women in fitness bikinis at the Cup of Russia, the prize money was 30 thousand rubles. Only if you win can you somehow recoup your expenses. Is this zero business?

– Yes.

“Then what’s the point?” Is this a competition for trophies and recognition?

– Apparently, yes. Unfortunately, you can’t make money from this business. That’s a nice bonus, let’s say, to make up for the makeup.

– So what do the athletes who participate in the fitness bikini experience?

Most of the time they work as fitness trainers. I finally did it, I modeled for 17 years, now I’m raising people. By the way, working as a model helped me participate in competitions. I am not afraid of the stage and I know how to present myself. But it was necessary to change the gait. I used to pull the hips forward and the shoulders down and used to get the hips back and shoulders forward.

Elena Sergushchenko became the absolute champion of the 34th Russian Bikini Fitness Cup, held in Chelyabinsk this year. She dried herself four times a week to qualify for the championship and improved her fitness by training in the gym. But working out in the gym, limiting yourself in nutrition and having good parameters is not enough to win. socialbites.ca talked with Elena Sergushchenko about the value of the title of the owner of the best figure in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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