The villa of Paul I’s grandson was put up for sale in Germany 00:03

The Alexandria cottage, built on the Baltic Sea coast by the grandson of Russian Emperor Paul I, was put up for sale by German investor Anno August Jagdfeld for 40 million euros, the highest price in the country. Picture.

The publication notes that the building was built in 1841 by Duke Paul Friedrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, grandson of Russian Emperor Paul I.

According to Christian Plöger, representative of the Jagdfeld family, this building is currently Germany’s most expensive villa, but its full restoration will cost at least 10 million euros.

He emphasized that the decision to sell the villa was made a long time ago. Pleger claims that there are already a large number of applicants looking to purchase luxury real estate.

Before that, the house it was in passed Footage for the movie “Halloween” sold for $1.68 million.

The slasher movie Halloween was released in 1978. The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence and Nick Castle. Film directed by John Carpenter.

Previously was named The most disliked member of the British royal family.

Source: Gazeta


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