‘Criminals’: A winding dance of genres


Manager: Rodrigo Moreno

Artists: Estebam Bigliardi, Laura Paredes, Daniel Elías

Premiere: December 1, 2023


In recent years, we see that many filmmakers are trying genres in a very special way in their films. Maybe not so many words try how to play. His game is not the traditional generic hybridization or the game we are more accustomed to. They don’t practice mixing, they don’t switch genres to prevent us from distinguishing where one begins and the other ends, they don’t use combinatorics with surprise as the end goal. Its more liquid offerings are distinguished by: How do they jump from one species to another? (in some cases, pure genres) in an almost (or directly) quilted way: what begins as a heist movie, as in the case of ‘The Delinquents’, may continue as a comedy and mutate once again into an idyllic tale. Echoes of Éric Rohmer. This method of counting and rounding is used, for example, by Argentinian womenFlower’ (Mariano Llinás, 2018) and ‘Lauquen’s Train (Laura Citarella, 2022), both from El Pampero. Also, in a way, in Víctor Iriarte’s Spanish film ‘All about the nights’, which premieres today. And it is in ‘Los Criminales’ that Rodrigo Moreno meanderingly jumps from one genre to another, opening the door to a variety of ideas (the relationship between classicism and modernity, the prevalence of genres and imagery and calligraphy), like the other filmmakers mentioned. the sound we attribute to them) without losing the need to think about either the story, the characters, the emotions, or the images.


Source: Informacion


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