The doctor advised people with allergies not to wear wool gloves in the cold 11.29.2023, 17:06

In cold weather, hands should be protected with gloves and mittens, but people with allergies should prefer accessories made of cold-resistant synthetic materials. Yuri Zhernov, dermatologist in the Fomin Clinic network, told about this.

“Wool gloves are warm and comfortable, and grandma is happy! But there is a problem here too. Natural wool products contain natural wool wax – lanolin. “On the one hand, it has emollient properties, but at the same time it is a potential allergen,” warns Zhernov.

The doctor explained that not all doctors are sure that lanolin can cause allergies.

But in 2023, lanolin was named Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS). “Forewarned is forearmed, so for those with allergies, especially those with atopic dermatitis, it is better not to wear woolen gloves made of natural sheep wool,” the dermatologist said.

He explained that hands should be protected in late autumn and winter, as the number of aggressive environmental factors affecting the skin of the hands increases.

According to the doctor, the skin of the hands begins to dry, crack, irritate and peel off due to cold, wind, high humidity and temperature changes during the transition from outside to inside.

“All this happens because in cold weather the sebaceous glands begin to secrete less sebum and transepidermal (percutaneous) fluid loss increases,” Zhernov said.

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Source: Gazeta


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