Unexplained causes of constant nasal congestion identified 11:22

If the nose has bad breathing despite the cold and the runny nose becomes chronic, this may be the result of a skull injury. Osteopathic doctor Vladimir Zhivotov told socialbites.ca about this.

“Compression of the skull bones during birth or blows to the forehead, cheekbones or nose can cause the bones that form the sinuses to become dislocated. This leads to impaired blood outflow from the mucosa. Swelling occurs, the nasal passages narrow and allow less air to pass through,” the expert began.

He also identified two main causes of the problem: birth trauma to the skull and trauma to the frontonasal region.

“Due to the displacement of the bones, the jugular vein at the base of the skull is compressed and the outflow of venous blood from the entire skull is impaired. The bones of the facial skull may also shrink. For this reason, the mucosa of the nose and paranasal sinuses swells,” explained the doctor.

Vladimir Zhivotov warned that ignoring the problem could lead to consequences.

“In addition to the change in bite and shape of the face, which I wrote about above, the muscles of the face and neck are tense if you have to breathe through the mouth, creating conditions for venous stagnation in the skull and deterioration of blood circulation in the skull. This situation is familiar; when there is a congestion in the nose, the odors are not evident and the feeling of “being hit on the head with a dusty bag” occurs. Thinking becomes vague,” Zhivotov said.

The specialist called for abandoning vasoconstrictor drops – they are useless in this regard.

“If there is constant nasal congestion, the best way out is to contact a specialist who will eliminate the consequences of injuries: restore the position and mobility of the skull bones. Then the mucous membrane will be freed from excess fluid and air will be able to flow freely,” the specialist concluded.

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Source: Gazeta


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