Wyoming was scamming people: this is how he reacted when he found out

Big wyoming He is also one of those affected by online scams using famous faces. The host of ‘Intermediate’ was on ‘Investigation Team’ last Friday where he was talking about his case and how these misleading advertisements with eye-catching headlines affected him.

“The headline is astounding: ‘Greater Wyoming’s Latest Investment Stuns Experts and Scares Big Banks.’ “Apparently I invested in masks and repeating weapons to rob banks.”the comedian commented on the laSexta program with a certain joking tone.

In addition to acknowledging the “task” he could produce, Wyoming also explained how he discovered such misleading advertising in which he never agreed to take part: “Some of them came to me from friends via WhatsApp, and most of them I saw directly while working on the computer.”

“I’m going to say something that makes me very angry: Depending on how powerful the crook is, how much media and lawyers he has, ultimately these are crimes that don’t involve blood and violence. And rarely, very rarely, is there a sentence that exemplifies the social damage they create.” The comedian said after reading the new headlines about these scams: “How terrible!”

It is worth remembering that Pablo Motos announced his consideration last week. Taking legal action against Google for fraud online using his image and that of many other famous people. During the visit of Gloria Serra to present in ‘El hormiguero’ this report prepared by the ‘Investigative Team’.

“The worst thing is that you can’t catch them because they’re so smart. We need to go to plan B, which is to go to the store. If I can’t go after the arms dealer and he’s making the poisons, Gloria Serra said, which prompted her to describe the latest legal effort Motos has taken. “I’m the one selling these I will go to the store. “In other words, Twitter, Google, Facebook and all social networks.” he commented on this subject: “The idea we’re working on is to sue Google. Of course, what responsibility does Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have for placing fraudulent ads?

In this context, Motos himself revealed that he was a victim of these scams when his image was used: “When I reported this before, when the judge came to ask for evidence the company no longer existed because they change countries very quickly. “They have control over time, they are extraordinary scammers who have swindled a lot of money and ruined a lot of people.”

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