An Instagram woman in a fur coat and leopard print reminded her fans of the past 16:26

Rapper Daria Zoteeva (Instasamka) posted on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia) a series of photos in a fur coat and leopard print long sleeves.

“I’m not bad… I even wish my enemies to have three cars at their door: an ambulance, a police station and a fire truck…” wrote Instasamka.

She posed next to a bouquet of flowers taller than the star. Fans admitted in the comments that the singer’s image reminded them of the early 2010s. At the same time, many people evaluated this appearance positively and supported Instasamka.

“Instagram is back in 2013, yay!”; “Let’s say thank you for giving us this atmosphere back”; “Photos took 8 years to upload”; “God, I’m so glad someone is bringing this era back”; “When you hesitate to post photos from the 2000s,” subscribers wrote.

Instasamka the other day organized photo shoot in the image of a devil. The singer’s body and face were covered in red paint and her horns and tail were attached. The Instagram woman posed naked, covering her breasts with her hands.

Daria Zoteeva is married to rapper Oleg Eropkin (Moneyken). The couple got married in November 2021. The artist confirmed the wedding news by posting a photo with an engagement ring on her ring finger. The wedding ceremony was held modestly with the participation of family and loved ones.

Previously Ksenia Borodina he was angry Sobchak’s words about the lack of support for Blinovskaya.

Source: Gazeta


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