A method for planting the most capricious shrubs has been revealed 15:29

Popular ornamental shrubs planted in summer cottages in autumn require special care. Landscape designer and Greenworks ambassador to Russia Ilya Vasetsky told socialbites.ca.

“Autumn is a great time to plant shrubs. At this time of year, plants take root well in the garden, so they have time to bloom in the summer. It is believed that the bushes are quite unpretentious, but in practice not all of them take root easily,” said Vasetsky.

According to the expert, shrub roses, which should be planted especially in September, are capricious.

“You need to choose a place in a well-lit area, on a small hill, where there is partial shade at noon. The landscape designer said that the soil should be fertile with a high percentage of acid.

He added that before planting, the stems of the seedlings should be cut to 25 cm and the plant should be soaked in water for a few hours, after which the rose should be planted in soil covered with loose, fertile soil. Water the bush after two days.

Vasetsky noted that barberry is very capricious – you need to find a suitable place for it.

“Heavily shaded areas are not suitable for this purpose and are not recommended for growing the plant. This is because barberry prefers open space that is constantly illuminated by the sun. It is also important to protect the barberry from drafts if the region experiences cold winters,” warned the landscape designer.

He explained that the ideal place for measles is dry hillsides.

Another popular but difficult-to-care-for shrub is rhododendron, Vasetsky noted.

“This plant is very popular among gardeners. But not everyone knows that in order for it to bloom, special requirements must be observed during planting and care, otherwise it may never bloom,” explained the expert.

Vasetsky said that the most serious mistake gardeners make when planting rhododendrons is choosing the wrong soil.

“It should be noted that shrubs develop best in acidic soil. It’s also important to make sure the soil is well-drained and enriched with acidic organic matter such as bark, rotted pine litter or composted ferns,” Wasecki said.

Former agricultural engineer in the name An easy way to control pests in your garden.

Source: Gazeta


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