An actor from ‘La Promesa’ announced that he is bidding farewell to the series: “It was a lot of fun”

‘Promise’ bidding farewell to one of its characters. Tommy AguileraThe actor, who came to the TVE series at the end of August to portray Antonio de Carvajal y Cifuentes, announced on his social networks that his role will no longer have a role in the fiction broadcast in the afternoons on La 1.

“I am not quite like that in a few words, and even less so when experience deserves them.”The young actor, known for his work in other productions such as. ‘Welcome to Eden’ And ‘Skam Spain’.

“There are some quirks to this profession. I think one of the most remarkable is that when you immerse yourself, body and soul, in a human adventure within a community, you begin to feel so much love for people you barely know. It makes you feel so good.” “They act like this, how good it makes them feel, but they have to say goodbye so quickly, it leaves a strange taste in the mouth,” he says on his Instagram account, along with a few photos from the shooting: “It’s as if in the world of nomads, of kind people, they offered you a warm home to spend the night.”

Tomy Aguilera says goodbye to La Promesa INSTAGRAM: @TOMY_AGUILERA

Aguilera “deeply appreciates the opportunity, attention and generosity of the entire ‘La Promesa’ team and the dedication of her followers.” “Thank you for letting me spend a few nights in a cabin on this Flagship”he adds, referring to the technical and artistic team, with special mention to the series’ creator Josep Cister and director Miguel Conde.

“Thank you for turning the set into a huge playroom and giving us the opportunity to delve into the last century of this country in such a real and meticulous way, working remotely and feeling at home at the same time. It was great fun, congratulations to everyone on an undoubtedly well-deserved success”It ends with his farewell.

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