Plus-size model Ashley Graham appeared in public with her low-cut dress 13:46

American plus-size model Ashley Graham attended the Perfect Magazine party in London. Photos from the event have been published daily mail.

35-year-old Ashley Graham chose a completely transparent black organza dress with a waist-high slit and wore black satin underwear underneath. The model completed her look with a black leather corset and gold stiletto sandals. The podium star wore her hair parted in the middle and wore light make-up, emphasizing black wings.

Ashley Graham gave birth to twin boys in January 2022. The birth was difficult, but after four months the model returned to active work on the catwalk and shooting in glossy magazines. Graham posed nude for Spanx and launched a collaboration with underwear brand Knix.

Ashley Graham regularly posts “honest” photos and talks about post-pregnancy self-care. She admitted that she faced baldness and stretch marks on her body after giving birth. According to the model, her immunity dropped significantly during pregnancy and she now regularly visits beauty salons and beauticians to improve her skin.

Previously plus size model Ashley Graham showed facial imperfections.

Source: Gazeta


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