“Being a mother is a long-awaited happiness.” Interview with Ravshana Kurkova for the release of the movie “I’m Taking a Step” Actress Kurkova said that her son is jealous of her newborn sister 09/05/2023, 13:41

– In the movie “I’m taking a step” you played the role of a strict teacher at the Pskov school. Please tell us about your hero. Do you have anything in common with him?

– I do not see any similarity in his character and approach to life, including in relations with others. There is no categorization in me, it is often very difficult to argue with me, I do not need to prove anything, I do not seek approval, my attitude to myself is not formed by external factors or the opinions of others.

– Non-professional school-age actors took part in the shooting of the tape. Was it difficult for you to work with them? Maybe one of them was impressed by the experience after filming and wanted to become an actor?

– Will they want to become artists in the future and develop in this direction – this is a question for men. I felt comfortable working with them, Olya (director and producer of the movie Olga Akatieva – approx. socialbites.ca) made an excellent casting.

– You previously acted with the director of the film, Olga Akatieva. How are you working with him?

– It is very comfortable to work with Olya, she really likes her artists and team, everything on the site is done in an atmosphere of respect and love for collaboration. That’s why we are happy to work.

— Do you feel a significant difference between working with female directors and male directors?

– Important – I don’t feel it. To me, professionalism, hard work, passion and talent are present or absent, regardless of the gender of the person.

– In the entire history of domestic and world cinema, countless films and series about the school were shot. Which do you think is the best?

– I was very impressed with the films “We’ll Live Until Monday” and “Dead Poets Society”.

– You played the doctors, the police, the cleaner and the business woman. What other profession would you like to “master” in the framework?

– All professions are interesting, the important thing is how the director tells the story, how voluminous and accurately the characters are written. It would be interesting to work on a historical painting and a musical if we talk about what I haven’t tried yet.

– You starred in many films of foreign directors: among them “Nureyev. “The White Raven” by Ralph Fiennes, “The Last Roll” by William Kaufman. Do you have Hollywood goals? What is the fundamental difference between foreign filmmakers and domestic filmmakers?

– I’m glad for any interesting work, all this is an invaluable experience. As for the differences, shots aside, the whole process is very structured, even at the preparatory level. Everything was discussed and fixed beforehand. All risks were minimized, for example, there were always copies of costumes, accessories (just in case) and accurate work in all workshops. But meanwhile, many of our productions are now running much more smoothly than 5-10 years ago.

– You became a mother for the second time in March and we congratulate you. Tell me, is it hard being a mother of two? Is Gaspar jealous of his little sister? Are they different in nature?

Thank you, being a mother is a long-awaited happiness for me. Gaspar, like many older children, is somewhat jealous, but without signs of aggression. I try to distract, maintain balance; At least I’ve been successful so far. As for the character of the girl, it is too early to say anything about it, but the baby calms down, we sleep at night.

– If it’s not a secret, what did you name your daughter?


– Already in July, a few months after giving birth, you appeared at the premiere of the second season of “Food Block” and visited the “Bitter Fest”. How did you manage to return to your old form so quickly?

– I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancy, tried to eat after giving birth with the understanding that I should return to my old form, which means that I did not make this task difficult for myself. I did not limit myself to eat, but tried not to overeat. Two months after giving birth, she returned to the gym for strength training and began paying even more attention to diet.

Working mothers often feel guilty about their children. Do you have it and if so how do you deal with it?

“As soon as I start closing endless accounts, the guilt disappears. I also try to maintain a work-child balance and spend almost all of my free time on my own.

On September 7, the movie “I’m Taking a Step”, a melodrama about a dyslexic young literature teacher, will be released on Russian screens. Actress Ravshana Kurkova, who played one of the main roles in the film, spoke in an interview with socialbites.ca about filming in the film, the experience of working with foreign directors and motherhood.

Source: Gazeta


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