“Green movement”: how to use the 2022 trend in the interior

Biophilic design is actually a trend that many Russians have followed for a long time. Alla Zorina, the leading designer of the Tvoi Dom hypermarket chain, is sure of this.

“In fact, many of us have been biophilic design enthusiasts for a long time. Even if you’ve never heard of the name before. Living plants indoors, wood texture, watercolor patterns on tiles, floor-to-ceiling windows and decor made of natural materials. All this is biophilic design, or rather a way of “inviting nature into the home,” says Zorina.

Biophilia is a deep connection of a person with other forms of life and nature in general. According to Zorina, it helps to stabilize the mental and physical state of a person, his well-being – contact with nature can increase labor productivity, relieve stress.

The biophilic design is based on wide window openings, minimally decorated window sills, the predominance of natural light and plants.

“You can use the style with the help of simple rules: add wooden furniture, natural patterns and textures, sounds and smells of nature to the interior; switch to the most natural materials such as ceramic plates, natural wool blanket, leather accessories, cotton linens,” explains Zorina.

Anton Trifonov, director of development for the Home & Garden category at AliExpress, suggests getting rid of “visual noise” on the way to creating biophilic design. These are popular items that are usually found in every home, but often produced in bright flashy colours: sponges for scouring pads, storage containers, buckets.

“There are four simple steps to reducing visual noise: clutter; avoiding storing things on open shelves – it is much more difficult to maintain order on them; the choice of natural and calm colors for household items; using refills for soap, dishwasher and other household liquids,” explains the expert.

He recommends adding it to interiors that combine aesthetics and functionality.

But do not confuse the concepts of minimalism and the “green movement” styles.

“Another obvious trend is interior items that turn the home space into a natural corner. Lamps will help create a similar atmosphere: for example, a chandelier with a built-in flower pot will turn your living room into a cozy forest. Or the legend of all TikTok – a lamp shining with the setting sun, ”said Trifonov.

Only elements with natural materials should be used in the kitchen.

“This way you can benefit the planet and heal your own space. Eco-friendly materials are often pushed by a high price, but there are budget-friendly household items, including those bought from local vendors. For example, wax napkins for storing food in the refrigerator, a scoop with a bamboo brush for cleaning at 125 rubles per pack or a little over 500 rubles, ”says.

Indoors, most of the space should be occupied by plants and flowers. But you do not need to grow moss on the wall and arrange a botanical garden with a fountain at home.

If live plants are preferred, they should be arranged so that you can interact with them as often as possible.

“Ideal is to fill the house with plants. But if there is no time to care for them, you can add artificial greenery to the interior. Objects with an imitation of vegetation are also very suitable – here fantasy will come to the rescue. You can find unusual interior items, for example, pots with moss, ”Trifonov concluded.

Natural elements in the interior soothe, relieve stress and cheer up. This is especially true for residents of large cities who do not come into contact with nature every day. In 2022, the “green movement” trend has gained particular popularity in the interior. socialbites.ca learned from designers how to put the new style into practice.

Source: Gazeta


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