‘Tchaikovsky’s wife’: What is a Russian film doing at the Cannes festival?

‘Tchaikovsky’s wife’ This is a Russian movie. Therefore, hours before its presentation at the competition in Cannes this Wednesday, members of the State Film Agency of Ukraine (USFA) unsuccessfully requested the program be withdrawn. And also therefore the director of the competition, Thierry Fremaux, had to make statements in a meeting with the press last Monday. Considering that the festival is boycotting any industry professionals affiliated with the Russian government, what does it do in a film competition that also co-produced the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich? The answer – “We included it because it was shot before the war and the sanctions against Russia” – did not convince almost anyone.

In any case, ‘Tchaikovsky’s wife’ works in various ways as a challenge to the idea of ​​boycotting everything Russian. manager Kirill Serebrennikov, staunch opponent of the regime Putin that he was under house arrest for a long time because of his views—his two fictions before this ‘Leto’ (2018) and ‘Petrov’s flu’ (2021), presented here without his presence; It is a cinematographic work that defies the Kremlin’s propaganda, which is trying to hide homosexuality the most famous russian composer to make it a symbol of Soviet ideology; Also, it’s a great movie.

A film that centers on the innocent and obsessive woman that Tchaikovsky agreed to marry in order to hide her sexual situation from the public and destroys her psychologically with her indifference. Stunning romantic tragedy about an ‘amour fou’ turns into a deadly obsessiona reflection on the monsters of oppression and a subtle defense against blind idolatry; Political cinema disguised as a period drama, like ‘Leto’ and ‘Petrov’s Grip’. It’s also a visually stunning piece of work, displaying a classicism and grace hitherto unheard of in the director’s filmography, and still confirming his ability to change atmospheres and even shift between the real world and the borders of delirium with a simple camera movement.

This year, Serebrennikov did indeed go to Cannes. “My homeland destroyed another country. It is very sad, very sad, a disaster for everyone, for Europe, for both sides,” he said. In case anyone needs more tips on his stance in battle.

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