Chanel shares her impressions after finishing third at Eurovision 2022

channel already in Spain. after taking the third place Eurovision 2022 and the reception given by Madrid at the Plaza Mayor, the representative of Spain, who attended a call in which YOTELE was present.

Last Saturday, the best of omens took place in the grand finale. Eurovision 2022. Finally, Chanel returned to our country so sweetly. third place in music competition Held at PalaOlímpico (Italy) After getting 459 points after his performance with ‘slow motionIn the competition held by Mocedades until this year, he broke Spain’s historical record with 125 points with ‘Eres tú’ in 1973.

In three minutes of her performance last Saturday, Chanel had one of her best passes since arriving in the Italian citygrows with the presence of spectators attending the final at PalaOlímpico. In general, the artist once again demonstrated his excellent versatility in dancing and singing at the same time during the number.

The action also sent out a statement last Saturday, explaining that during the breakdown of the jury votes, the European Broadcasting Union recalculated the votes of six countries after making some determinations. “irregular voting patterns”.

This would affect Azerbaijan, Georgia, San Marino, Poland, Montenegro and Romania, according to various international media. Apparently, the punishment in question was done because they would agree to vote for each other.

Romanian channel TVR publicly condemned this and said in a statement that they were “surprised to learn that the result of the Romanian jury’s vote was not taken into account in the calculation of the final classification”. In addition to demanding clarification from the EBU and warning that they are ready to “take action”, They explain that 12 points are for Moldova, not Ukraine.Spain would get 3 points instead of 1.

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