Chanel at the gates of the Eurovision final: “I know the expectations are high”

channel is representative of Spain Eurovisionwill be held tonight from Turin, Italy. The singer is one of the biggest revealers of the oppression, and many fans of the festival have a possible win years later with poor results.

In the last days before the grand finale, the Yotele team talk to the artist to find out how your experience in the competition went and your previous feelings.

How do you face the grand finale? Eurovision?

I’m fine, more focused than nervous.

How about these days you spent with your team in Turin?

I’m making the most of it and enjoying the city. I really eat a lot of pasta.

How has it been since you won? Benidorm Festival?

I wanted to live the present and it was neither fast nor slow for me. It was neither short nor long to me.

There is a lot of talk about your position, what is your point of view?

There is a lot of talk, but I firmly believe that my victory has been to get on stage and look at my team and be proud of what we’ve done. Frankly, we’re going for the glass microphone, but that’s out of our hands.

There are so many requests and so high expectations, can you add some pressure?

While I want to focus on doing my best, I realize that the expectation is high.

Which is your favorite participating country?

I really like Italy, England and Sweden.

How is the reception in Turin?

They welcome me with great love.

Do you want it to end?

I don’t think it’s over or is now. I’m enjoying the moment.

Who is your support?

My team is very important along with my friends and family who are always there.

do you want him to come Nacho Cano?

It’s coming soon and I’m looking forward to it. Nacho is one of the people who support me.

Have you talked to him these days? What did he say?

What he’s telling me is that he’s very proud of me and it doesn’t matter where Spain fell behind.

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