Why is Spain going to the Eurovision final?

If you are one of those who see Eurovision every year you will know that Spain did not play in any semi-finalsIt was televised for the first time this year by TVE. in this edition Eurovision Song Contest Same thing happened yesterday we could see a small piece song channelSloMo, but The representative of Spain did not participate in the semi-finals. However, many people wonder what the reason is: Why is Spain going to the Eurovision final without performing in the semi-finals? we explain what eurovision system and why in some countries go straight to the final

Eurovision exclusivity: The Big Five

The truth is that there are few countries that have had a number of countries over the years. privileges, how to go directly to the final. Countries that currently make up the country Eurovision Big Five and it has a guaranteed place in the final Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

To these The privileged countries are joined by a sixth member, the country that won the previous year. Something that didn’t happen in this case as Italy is the winner of Eurovision 2021 and belongs to the Big Five.

However, What does a country need to be part of Eurovision’s Big Five? Well, neither more nor less than money. The countries that provide the most funds to the European Broadcasting Union are members of the Big Five. (UER) for the annual celebration of the festival.

However, the presence of the Big Five, or Big Four, during the years (2000-2010) when Italy did not participate in Eurovision caused bubbles among the other participating countries to advance directly to the final. Such is the case of Turkey, which confirmed that it would not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and claimed that this system seems unfair.

The story of the Big Five

the idea of ​​giving the privilege of qualifying directly to the final The countries that contributed the most to the festival emerged in 1996. In this episode of Eurovision, Germany failed to make it to the semi-finals and was left out of the grand final. This triggered considerable anger on the part of the Germans and a A very important economic hole for the EBU.

And those mud, these mud. organization Eurovision decided that the countries making the biggest economic contribution will always take part in the event. Also, countries included in the Big Five have the right to vote in one of the semi-finals, and the same applies to the host country.

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