Adidas sports top ads banned on bare female breasts

Advertisements for new Adidas sports tops have been banned following 24 complaints to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This has been reported daily mail.

As a promotion for sports tops for custom bust sizes, adidas has released photos of 20 bare-chested women. As a result, the UK Advertising Standards Authority received 24 complaints for the excessive sexualization of women and inappropriate use of nudity in the ad campaign. It was also noted that such photos can be seen by children.

“Because the ad clearly contained nudity, we felt it required careful targeting so as not to offend the audience,” ASA said. Twitter users were also dissatisfied with female meme posts.

Adidas explained that the purpose of the ad campaign is not to show nude photos of women, but to show how diverse breast shapes are and how they can be supported during training with the right sports top. In addition, the brand representatives emphasized that the faces of the models are not visible in the photos for their safety and that the women participated in the campaign voluntarily.

Despite this, the UK Advertising Standards Authority has decided to ban ads on Twitter near schools and religious buildings.

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Source: Gazeta


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