The media mentioned the name of the actor who can replace Ezra Miller in the movie “The Flash”

ScreenGeek reports that Warner Bros. still considering removing Ezra Miller from the DCEU. This year, the performer of the role of the Flash has been at the center of two serious scandals involving hooliganism.

According to the source of the site, the company has already prepared a list of candidates for the role of superhero. One of them is 30-year-old actor Dylan O’Brien (Dylan O’Brien), known for the series “Werewolf” and the films “The Maze Runner”, “Bumblebee” and “Love and Monsters”.

No other names on the list have been released, but some fans would like to see Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the series of the same name, play the part.

At the beginning of April, the press reported about the arrest of Ezra Millera: the reason was a fight in one of the Hawaiian bars. Even then, there were rumors that the film company might part with the celebrity. Later that month, Miller was arrested again by police, this time for assaulting a girl.

Source: VG Times


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