Looks like BioWare accidentally ruined Shepard’s fate in Mass Effect 5

Looks like BioWare accidentally leaked the plot details of the next one mass effect. Details appeared in the description of a new lithograph based on the game, which appeared in the official merchandise store. Beware, there may be spoilers ahead!

The lithograph shows a poster that was shown in the autumn as part of N7 Day. On it, you’ll see a crater in the shape of a geth’s head and a detachment led by a krogan marching toward the center.

Now the description of the lithograph reads: “The threat of the Reapers may be over, but the victory was too expensive, including for Earth. The survivors have to pick up the pieces and the fans wonder what will happen next.”

However, Twitter users noticedthat the product page initially had slightly different text, where the main character of the main trilogy was mentioned.

Shepard’s latest mission may have ended the Reaper threat, but the victory came at a price, including for Earth. Shepar and the other survivors have to pick up the pieces and fans can only guess what happens next.

YouTuber MrHulthen also drew attention to this. Some time later, BioWare corrected the description, but the Internet, as you know, remembers everything.

BioWare has not yet commented on the text changes. Perhaps this is a simple mistake, so it’s best not to have high hopes for Shepard’s return for now.

In April, the studio announced that the new Mass Effect had entered the early stages of development. Almost all attention is now dragon time 4.

Source: VG Times


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