Psychologist explains how attitude towards money hinders success in business 17:44

Working people and those who are successful in business have different financial mindsets. Yulia Domanova, a business psychologist and entrepreneur, told about this.

According to him, entrepreneurial thinking means a person’s readiness to take responsibility for others and living in a constant state of uncertainty, while employing people’s preference for outsourcing gives them a sense of security.

“Employees cannot withstand a high degree of anxiety, they block opportunities and show only one way out of the situation – avoidance and the most favorable for the psyche,” said Yulia Domanina.

He explained that financial thinking is “a set of ideas about the world in the context of money.”

“Financial thinking sits much deeper in a person’s mind than just thinking about money. Moreover, it manifests itself in the form of instincts. Financial ideas are passed on to us from past generations who have had certain experiences with money, ”said the psychologist.

According to him, people tend to endow money with human qualities and experience corresponding emotions in relation to them.

“We subconsciously equip money with human qualities. They can frighten us or become objects of desire. Money bothers us because it’s scarce, or comforts us because it’s abundant. That’s why we need to build relationships with finance. For example, when a person is calmed by the presence of money, he should form a sufficient airbag for three months of life,” explained the expert.

The psychologist added that financial thinking needs to be developed.

“Basically, we have to be able to make a budget for a comfortable life, taking into account income and expenses. But even with this, not everyone can cope psychologically, as it is hindered by negative financial attitudes. For example, some people experience anxiety when planning a financial budget. And in the vast majority of cases, such a reaction has a negative impact on their standard of living,” concluded Yulia Domanina.

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Source: Gazeta


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