Michael J. Fox and his approach to Parkinson’s disease

Everything started to change for Michael J. Fox one morning in 1990. Florida, when he wakes up and realizes that one of his little fingers is moving uncontrollably; turned out to be an early symptom of a brain disorder that would overwhelm him. He has been fighting Parkinson’s for over 30 years. She was officially diagnosed with the degenerative disease in 1991, but she kept her acting career a secret for years. cinema and television. When he finally made it public, it seemed like a gamble of fate that an actor of extraordinary talent in physical comedy had to suffer like this. He has definitively retired from the acting world since 2021, now telling his own story in a recent documentary, “The Life of Michael J. Fox.” AppleTV+ Among other things, it reminds us that a person suffering from a disease does not become that disease.

Although they would later come to help him professionally, Fox’s short stature and boyish appearance complicated his formative years and adolescence, school failure and some minor crimes. She found her way in the theater, but even after convincing her father that she should move in with him. Hollywood, and after finding odd jobs there, he soon found himself on the brink of poverty. And just as she was about to throw in the towel and go home, she took on the role that would launch her career. Thanks to her work in the sitcom ‘Family Ties’ she actually got two lead roles in ‘Back to the Future’ (1985) and ‘Teen Wolf’ (‘De pelo en pecho’) (1985) and these opened up. the door of life for him magazine covers, luxury cars, and general hedonism. The fantasy was short lived.

take refuge in alcohol

When the tremors came, Fox buried herself in her work and was holding objects with her left hand to hide in front of the camera. applied alcohol to escape the reality of a disease slowing of facial, verbal, and physical expression this was crucial to his success. When he was finally able to face his new life, he remembers in the movie, Parkinson made him a calmer, more present person; wife, actress Tracey Pollanand their children also participated in the process. In 2000, two years after he announced his illness, Michael J. Fox Foundation, It is dedicated to finding a cure for the disease, funding research, as well as enabling the development of improved treatments.

As Fox gets older – now he is 61 years old– his condition continues to deteriorate. Although the child he used to be still appears on his face, his limitations have increased; your mind works faster than your ability to express yourselfand her legs constantly disappoint her. A simple attempt at walking became for him an act of concentration and strategy and a danger. but still therefunny as always. And the new movie is an opportunity to remember how rewarding it was to watch it on screen.

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