Gil or Mario Conde, “popular heroes” in a new documentary series about Antena 3

Considered by many to be the “popular heroes” of the nineties in Spain, Jesus Gil or Mario Conde they will have stars A new documentary series called ‘I’ antenna 3 It hits theaters this Wednesday about the lives of some of the most medial personalities of the last decades.

This interview space will review the lives and most unknown aspects of prominent figures who have become icons of recent Spanish history, such as José María Ruiz Mateos or Dionisio Rodríguez, alias el Dioni.

“What do they all have in common? Their fame. Their fame precedes them. They began to be considered “popular heroes” of Spain of the nineties. They touched both heaven and hell. They were in sight. And their appearance on television gave a lot to talk about”, Atresmedia synthesized in a statement about the heroes of the program.

Feeding from the Atresmedia archive, the program will also make a journey into Spain’s most recent history. Each independent episode of ‘Yo Soy’ will be dedicated to one of these media heroes and will document their public and private career years.with an “in-depth portrait” that “is also a portrait of this country, that will remind us of how we are.”

On opening night next Wednesday, former builder, former mayor of Marbella and former president of Atletico de Madrid, Jesús Gil will be the first hero. Eccentric and mediatic, she played Parcheesi in front of the cameras with her family as soon as she took the press out for ice cream.

Gil was bare enough to brag about apps that would put him in jail. Operation Malaya against urban corruption in Marbella put an end to fifteen years of ignorance in the city of Málaga.

Source: Informacion


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