Rejuvenate instantly with this anti-aging haircut

The latest hair trends speak for themselves: short hair doesn’t get old anymore, on the contrary. With the right cut, a woman can look 10 years younger in one sitting. We are not talking about science fiction, but simple optical effects that improve certain parts of the face and minimize imperfections. A game of fluid and lively movements characterizes the most beautiful and fashionable short haircuts for the summer of 2023.

HE colour will also play an important role. The latest trends confirm the victory of bright tones for the upcoming summer season as well. The market offers many alternatives for those who do not like dyes, but who want to lighten their color, hide their regrowth and graying hair. Some tricks not only cover hair with amazing colors, but also They feed deeply.

Finding the right color and also the right cut for every woman and every age is definitely not easy. In addition to personal taste, a number of factors must be taken into account. For example, the structure of the face and the type of hair are the factors that the hairdresser should pay attention to. On the other hand, it is better to leave the hairdresser with a cut that makes us beautiful than the latest fashion that does not do us justice.

cropped style haircut Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Cut for straight and curly hair

But we are witnessing a real style change for summer. Trends are increasingly combined with fashionable lines that can be easily styled. And the best thing is that many The cuts are designed to please both straight and curly.

In recent years, pixie cut trendy Basically a very short bob, especially at the nape. A cut loved by older women, it’s also a cut that brings out their faces by younger women who want to be daring with their hair.

Fairy cut for summer “cropped“. This is the already fashionable anti-aging haircut. A short cut but more worn. According to industry experts, this edition was inspired by two other trendy cuts: mullet and making love. Basically, it has a more tapered and longer look than the short bob. Generally, in this cut, the hair is combed forward and the whole face is framed. The nape is also covered with (albeit lightly) hair. The front ponytail emphasizes the cheekbones and defines the face, visually increasing the volume of the forehead. A hairstyle that prefers to dry naturally (ideal for beach days) rather than combing it repeatedly with a blow dryer.

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