Carmen Alcayde explains why she hasn’t spoken to Jorge Javier in years

Carmen Alcayde’s first polygraph was one of the incentives she friday trying to face the end ‘Challenge’. The journalist, who has been fired for her confrontation with Lydia Lozano in recent weeks, has agreed to answer questions. shelland explained why he had gone without speaking for years. Jorge Javier Vazquez.

I don’t remember what it was, but it was only one day in five years. I remember going through an entire program with neck pain not looking at each other…” Alcayde said.survivors‘, The guest answered in the affirmative and the polygraph confirmed this answer.

“It’s not that we don’t talk because we get along badly, He created one life, I created another, and we had nothing to do with it. I started having children, he was here to be successful… We didn’t talk to each other, but not because we didn’t get along. I’ve always had a lot of chemistry with Jorge. Whenever we saw each other in the hallway, we hugged and laughed at each other even though we hadn’t spoken to each other in years.”

“Really, each of them has lived a very different life. It’s one of those relationships. when you see yourself you love yourself and if you don’t you can forget a little‘, Carmen, who wanted to make it clear that Jorge was never his friend, explained this during the broadcast. ‘Here’s the tomato’ they only ate together five times and shared a ride.

Source: Informacion


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