Malaga Festival jury meets estimates and awards ‘20,000 species of bees’

Without too many surprises on the palms Malaga Festival. Since that time ‘20,000 bee species‘ premiered to applause, and with an award for its very young hero, Sofia Otero, It was clear that Estíbaliz Urresola’s movie would be one of the biggest contenders to win the main Biznagas. twenty-sixth edition of the competition. And so it was: the feature film about a boy born Aitor who feels like Lucía leaves Malaga with two main awards, Best Spanish Film and Best Supporting Actress (Patricia López Arnáiz). on his behalf Panama’s “Las hijas,” an intimate portrait of fatherless adolescence, won the Best Ibero-American Film award. From there, some absences and some weird decisions.

The relationship between the new Spanish directors Berlinale and the Malaga Festival continues to strengthen. Urresola joins the list of writers like Elena Trapé. carla simon and Alauda Ruiz de Azúa It has triumphed in history with its Spanish-language cinema after garnering huge reviews and awards at the Berlin festival. This feature film from the Basque director was very popular at its premiere because of the sensitivity and hope that it deals with the personal adventures of a girl born male (and its repercussions in the family). Yes a little What is controversial is the decision to consider the role of Patricia López Arnaiz. secondarily, while appearing in a good part of the shoot (played by arguably little Sofia Otero).

The award for ‘Matria’ star María Vázquez was also said. The Galician interpreter represents a touchy woman who, with strength and conviction, tries to move forward but is overwhelmed by instability. Álvaro Gago was a big favorite since the premiere of his movie. on his behalf Argentina’s Alberto Amman won Biznaga for Best Actor for ‘Upon Entry’ (‘La arriba’). involving a Venezuelan national suspected by US authorities during a stifling interrogation at an airport customs control. It’s a clear role for one of those movies designed with a spiked accent (one of the translator’s biggest specialties) and for the actors to look their best.

Another Argentine won in the supporting male comment section: Jorge Marrale is without a doubt the best of ‘Empieza el baile’, Marina Seresesky’s photo. The drunken bandoneon player, who cynically concealed a secret that had been kept for decades, impressed the jury. Seresesky made his own movie with the audience: the Audience Award belongs to him.

unexpected rewards

Strange rewards? others: ‘Under Therapy’ Special Jury Award, his pointless drama with Gerardo Herro’s trap and Special Mention ‘I woke up with a dream’ to Uruguayan from the jury, The leaden and flamboyant movie Pablo Ferro (Ferro himself is 15 years old anyway) based on a 12-year-old story is not very clear. As well as one of the best films shown in the Official Selection this year (which means arguably the best), Carlos E. Kaiser’s Mexican ‘Red Shoes’ won only one award, the Best Picture award. It’s hard to forget Félix Viscarret’s bittersweet comedy about the transition to male maturity, ‘My life so simple’, which was very popular but not on the winners list.

But here is the cinema. More next year.

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