Madonna puts her house up for sale for $25.9 million

Madonna is selling a mansion in the prestigious Hidden Hills area near Los Angeles. This has been reported daily mail.

The singer now owns 4 thousand square meters of land, which he bought from The Weeknd for $ 19.3 million last year. m put up for sale for $25.9 million.

The mansion has seven bedrooms, a large living room with bar, dining room with panoramic windows and fireplace, wine cellar, home theater and office. Since the last two owners of the property were musicians, the listing indicates that the property includes a “music hall.”

The three-acre property includes an olive grove, basketball court, saltwater pool, a 10-person spa, and a guesthouse. The garage was built in the style of the movie “Blade Runner”. In addition, Madonna built a home gym and dance studio.

Hidden Hills is a gated community where celebrities buy property. For example, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber have homes.

Formerly reported It’s about Madonna being called alien and warned not to “go under the knife” anymore.

Source: Gazeta


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