Kourtney Kardashian starts selling gum for intimate health 21:11

Kourtney, 43, the eldest of the Kardashian siblings, started selling gum for vaginal health. The corresponding pictures appeared on social networks.

“We developed our vaginal health gums using a clinically studied dose of SNZ 1969™ probiotics,” the brand says.

According to Kardashian, probiotics have a positive effect on the gut microflora, and not only. But an unpleasant smell is not the root cause, but a consequence of a violation of intimate health.

Following news of the launch of a nutritional supplement brand in September 2022, Kourtney Kardashian announced a matcha-based product. However, the promotional photo felt awkward for many fans of the star. The picture depicts jumping, wearing a green bustier jumpsuit and a powder with dietary supplements underneath.

“Finally let me share what I’ve been doing all this time. I have been dreaming of this for a long time, I had many meetings and conversations with different people to find the best way to build a project, find the right partners and create the best team. Finally, after five years, my brain will finally be born,” Kardashian said.

Previously reportedKourtney Kardashian posed nude in the bathroom to advertise her cosmetics.

Source: Gazeta


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