“Hate” at Benidorm Fest is in the foreground after Twin Melody and Aritz’s tears and Agoney’s darts

importance sanity Fortunately, it is increasingly featured on social and media forums. The twins were the last to highlight this issue. Twin Melodycontestants Benidorm Festival 2023 They were knocked down in the first semi-final on Tuesday night.

The contestants who could not make it to the finals in the competition held a press conference this morning with the presenter. monica naranjotwo teenagers they couldn’t stop crying -shared by Aritz– when you remember hate and negative messages which they received from some social network users.

“we too they threw a lot of ‘hate’ at us and the truth is that it is not easy at all… We would be happy if people who do not destroy people but support people for the mental health of the next #BenidormFest contestants are included. aytana“We’ve had bad times too,” he admitted and hung up the microphone. Paula.

“You always say don’t hate, don’t hate but then people are given a voice They really harassed him all the time.” He interrupted when he saw his sister collapse to the ground in the middle of the press conference and burst into tears. Aritz Aren they melted in a hug. The Valencian singer ironically concluded that she felt “very proud” but said, “it’s true there have been a lot of devastating comments and we’re so sorry but hey…”.

Agoney gave hate a name: Malbert

Malbert is the center of discussion at Benidorm Fest 2023. INFORMATION

Although his name was never mentioned, many interpreted these contestants’ statements as a criticism of the controversial youtuber’s choice. Malbert What Event reviewer for TikTok.

It was the singer who clearly pointed to him. sufferingWhen asked if he was ready to receive a wave of criticism for being the favourite, he replied, “I don’t have to prepare for anything. They are the ones who need to be trained.“, referring to those who spread hate on social networks.

“Here, we have a hate expert in the background. Malbert, are you around?“He asked with full view.

“You have to teach them a lesson and tell them this. people who go there should be respected. I’ll make one thing clear for myself: I’m not going to give these people a voice. That’s it”, the canary settled down.

Despite the aforementioned, silent response, in networks where pronounced:

“Today is your moment, enjoy the glory you deserve. As a good artist, I hope you accept it.” you can’t like everyoneand therefore should not be called hate. The Eurovision representative will always have my support, I like his song more or less.”

“And don’t hold me back so much, you’ll lose your concentration my love. I hope one day you can say everything. what are you saying about me off camerato see who is the hate expert,” he wrote in another tweet below.

This SOS is served again. But the least expected day, which is seen as meaninglessness today, may be the opposite. respect always It’s just music and show.

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