Pediatrician Tveritinova told how many times a year kindergarten children normally get sick 09:49

It is normal for children who go to kindergarten to get sick 12-14 times a year, because this is how the child develops immunity. Sophia Tveritinova, a pediatrician from the federal network of multidisciplinary medical centers at the Fomin Clinic from Perm, told about this.

“It is normal to get sick up to 12-14 times a year in kindergarten. There is even a joke about this that the kindergarten was created for this, ”said Sofia Tveritinova.

He explained that in addition to innate immunity, every person develops adaptive, that is, acquired.

“It just gets pumped by meeting new viruses and bacteria, releasing antibodies. The younger the child, the less virus he encounters in his life. Accordingly, frequent SARS is associated with it, as there are many viruses. Almost everyone is new, ”explained the pediatrician.

According to the specialist, the doctor and the mother should follow the course of the disease in the child.

“If this is the usual, uncomplicated SARS even once a week, then congratulations! You have a healthy child who is developing immunity,” she said.

The doctor concluded that a balanced diet, getting at least eight hours of sleep, taking a prophylactic dose of vitamin D and vaccination contribute to strengthening the immune system. He also recommended hardening the child, or at least not wrapping it.

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Source: Gazeta


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